Saturday, December 29, 2007

Whats 4 dinner!

That is the question of the day, and every day. They even ask what we are having tomorrow after we just finished dinner! A very cold weekend here, a good time to stay inside and cook I thought. But I really do not love cooking. My older sister will be the 1st to tell you that! How I would tell our Mother I didn't care to learn how to do that stuff and would have plenty of time to do so after I was married. And I was right. My cooking is pretty good actually, I just really would still rather be doing anything else, like sewing perhaps. So I made a pot roast and threw that in the oven. While that was cooking I made a big pot of sauce for tomorrow. Jerry loves pasta every Sunday. So now I figure I should be kitchen free for a few days. Jerry was itching to get out of the house this afternoon and I talked him in to taking me to a new fabric shop. What a good guy he is. While I spend an hour trying to make up my mind on so many fabric choices he is usually pretty content to look at patterns and books. Jerry has been in advertising for over 30 years, he knows his stuff. He notices presentation of displays, cover designs, and many odd things my limited vision would never notice. He is always looking for new ways for me to present my business and keep it fresh. And this is probably good, but after an hour of his thrusting stuff at me to look at...Barb, look at this, Barb, Barb, Barb, look, look, look, well, what can I say. You should see him at Quilt Market!
The pot roast is long gone, the sauce is cooling and Jerry and Cleo are watching a movie. I am going to sneak upstairs to my studioette and do a little sewing. Have a happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! What's for dinner! That was my favorite question too! You ARE an awesome cook, that will always be one of my fondest memories of you is all awesome dinners you made us every singe night and all the cute lunches with notes you made for us, I hope I am just like you when I am older LOL, oh wait, I AM older! LOL!!! HAHAHA
Love you! xoxoxox I miss your food!