Saturday, December 15, 2007

Here we go! Welcome to our new Blog.

Welcome to Cleo's new blog. I am sooooo excited, just bear with me as we are new at this!
When I told my children, one daughter started to laugh hysterically, I won't name names. My son just gave me a really odd look.
We are in the midst of the most exciting and hectic holiday of the year. So much to do. The shopping, wrapping, decorating and cookies to bake to name just a few. While running my errands yesterday I had the local Christmas music radio station on, songs to keep me in the spirit while I plodded to the post office. The 2 gals in front of me were mailing over 100 boxes at the automated terminal in the lobby. The inside line was out the door. So I got back in my car and decided to try that later.
I did groceries instead! Once cheerfully home again, groceries all put away, it was time to start dinner. The potatoes were boiling and I reached for the pork chops. Hmmmmm, no pork chops, or cheese, or green beans. The sacker never put them in my cart. Back in the car, rush our traffic now, more Christmas music. The singer was claiming Christmas was such FUN, would'nt we like to have Christmas all year long!!! Are you kidding me??????
The tree is up, Cleos eyes were like saucers while hubby and son Jon set it up.
This continues to amaze her each year, wow, a tree in the house, how cool is that!
When Cleo was a kitten and full of adventure, she would climb to the very top and peer down like our angel. Next year she got stuck in a string of lights followed by lots of yowling and thrashing for a rescue team. You can only in your wildest dreams imagine what our tree looked like after that episode. Our bottom tree branches are now all droopy from her nesting years. This year a more mature and chunkier Cleo is now content to lay on her tree skirt and occasionally bat at a few ornaments. She also likes to hang out with the presents.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! I am honored to be your first visitor and commenter!! I have the hippest parents ever you Bloggers you! :P

I look forward to reading about your adventures, Cleo stories and all your new pattern stuff! I love you guys!


justmommy said...

Yay Mommy! I love you! So proud of you guys for getting this going! Welcome to the world of blogging!

p.s. Do you have any pirate patterns?:)

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