Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I did a dumb thing

Wow, Christmas is over, flew by in a flash as it usually does. To tell you the truth I am ready to move on. However, several days before Christmas I did a really dumb thing, I decided to clean my sewing room. What in the world was I thinking:( Well I'll tell you, after looking at pictures of other designers lovely work areas, all organized and color co-ordinated I started to feel quite anxious about mine. First of all, I do not have an actual studio, I have what I call 3 studioettes. The 1st floor den/parlor has been converted into a computer/office room where I do my computer work. The basement has an area set aside for a folding machine, shipping supplies and such. Our largest extra bedroom is my designated sewing/design room. It is a good size room, nice and bright with a few antique pieces such as an old drafting table Jerry found that serves as my cutting station. Yet still this space of mine is bulging at its seams with stuff. This stuff is now in boxes and stacks all over the floor, waiting for the organizer fairy to come and work a little magic. The room was once a nursery for the previous owners baby girl. The walls are cream and sponged on top with a pretty celery green. Half way down the wall there is a double wood molding with an adorable beatrix potter border placed in-between. The room is darling.....if you were a baby. We have lived here 3 years and I am feeling its time to make a few changes.
Still have not figured out how to post pictures with captions underneath. The 2nd pic is gazing out the office window, as you can see we did have a white Christmas. I found this wonderful vintage fabric on Ebay years ago. I have been saving it to sew it into curtains for my room, after I paint and steam off the bunny borders!

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