Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shopping and lunch

Today was a nice and easy day spent shopping and having lunch with my son Jon, something we do not get to do very often. Jon is on semester break, besides school he is a waiter and spends most of his spare time with his cute girlfriend Karly. Mom is pretty low on his list of needs these days. Maybe it is because I usually wear my vintage Christmas corsage on my coat, tis the season after all! I know this just isnt cool, I am sure he probably hopes we do not run in to anyone he knows. At least I did not wear my cat shoes. Yes cat shoes, I have 3 different pairs, but that is another story.
Still working on my penny rug, my "assistant" Cleo is batting all my floss off the table and chasing it around the kitchen floor. So I have set that aside until she wears herself out and it will be nap time. Instead I tackled that last batch of cookies- candy canes.

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