Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa Countdown

We are all snuggled in today, each of us working on our own separate projects. It is bitter cold and has been sleeting most of the day with a dusting of snow. Night has fallen and as I type the Christmas lights on our street twinkle through the ice crystals on my window. So very pretty, it looks like a scene from Doctor Zhivago.
My "Countdown to Santa" calendar now shows 2 days. I am calm and ready. As you know, we will be just three this Christmas and that makes for a pretty stress free holiday! I envy all of you who have your family close by though. Tonight we are going to relax and watch a movie, Cleo will cuddle up on her fleece blanket on my lap. Seems like a perfect ending after another busy day.

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Anonymous said...

Your a great writer mom! Isn't blogging fun! :) Now if only ERIN would start posting more *cough cough slacker Erin!*

Hope you have a good movie! Brian is forcing me to watch to Dallas Cowboys Game. Yawn!