Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday madness

Nothing starts my day off better than talking to one of my girls. My daughter Erin lives in Oklahoma City and is Mommy to my other 2 cute Pumpkins 3 year old Alexander and 2 year old William. Alexander is now a talker, and I mean he can talk up a storm. I love to hear his cute little voice and stories about his day. I expect he will soon be a blogger too! They are still recovering from last weeks big ice storm and 5 days with no power. I cant wait to see their Christmas pictures.
I awoke to find one of my Christmas displays all over the dining room floor. Greenery, pinecones and balls everywhere. I have not seen Cleo yet this morning, hmmmmmm........
I am leaving you with a picture of one of my favorite decorations, a cute little Christmas headvase from the 50s. Don't you just love her "earrings"!

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