Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moving on

So how was your Christmas??? Ours was quiet but nice, we had a leisurely day followed by a yummy Christmas feast. Then whoosh... time to get ready for our after dinner guests! The past few years friends of our Sons started coming over after their day with family, to relax, lol :) We play games, have lots of appetizers, laughter and fun. Jerry and I really look forward to this growing tradition, they are the nicest group of young adults and we really enjoy their company.
Now it's time to think about putting Christmas away. Cleo will miss the tree and excitement. I am however ready to move on, just itching to tackle new and some old projects.

I've brought my rug hooking out, I started hooking this rug nearly 6 years ago, I think it will be a good project to have on hand during the long winter months ahead.

Today I finished my drawing for "March" Annie and will start stitching her up. I sure miss sitting outside to stitch, maybe I should purchase a nice Ott light and bring the "sun" indoors. Wow, can't believe I'm getting so close to a finish on my calendar quilt, only 1 more block to design and then I get to sew her all together!
Tomorrow I'll be running errands all day and Friday cooking dinner for friends.
So I'll leave you all with early wishes for a very Happy New Year!


Roberta said...

Your rug is wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing it when its done, not that I'm one to talk since I still have to bind my last rug.
Happy New Year!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Happy New Year, Barbie Jo!!