Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Our 1st blast of winter arrived this weekend along with a visit with our daughter Erin, her hubby and my pumpkins from Oklahoma. We saw our 1st snow fall and bitter cold weather, temps in the teens with lows in the single digits. Definitely weather to find indoor activities. My helpers and I spent a good part of the weekend baking. Friday afternoon we rolled out and baked the cut out cookies. Saturday we made a big bowl of icing, put on some Christmas music and got busy decorating them.

And here lies the end result :) The boys are excellent helpers, we had lots of fun chatting and sprinkling. I won't show you a picture of under the table because whoa... William is really wild with those sprinkles LOL!

Erin and her family had made the long drive so they could attend Jons graduation from KU on Sunday! We are very proud of his hard work and achievement, such a special day. After the ceremony we had a celebratory dinner in Lawrence. And not only did Jon graduate, but William turned 5 and we had a birthday to celebrate besides, a very full day!

Another weekend flown right on by and my house feels really quiet today. Back to business as usual. I plan on attempting one last swoop to finish my shopping this week, I am so behind.

Maybe get a little sewing time in later this week, I have lots of pretty new fabric calling my name. Here's the little tree in my sewing room, gosh I just noticed, we need some tiny lights Cleo! Have a happy week and stay warm!


Toni said...

What a wonderful weekend and congrats to the new grad!!

Love the cookies, they turned out perfect!

I love the tree and definitely needs lights - did you make the ornaments?

Roberta said...

A big congrats to Jon and best of luck as he begins his career! You never stop worrying about them, but it's a big relief when they complete college!

Beautiful cookies. Those young guys did a great job and I'm sure they've enjoyed the results.

Merry Christmas!