Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

Welcome 2011 and Happy New Years Day!
Did you do something exciting last night or hang out at home? We chose to ring in the New Year here, with friends... what better way to welcome the New Year. I set my table with the Christmas dishes one last time. Jerry braved the 9 degree weather to cook our steaks on the grill while the rest of us were all nice and toasty inside.

Dinner was followed by my signature dessert, which I usually make for Christmas but for some reason did not this year. And I had bought these adorable Santas which were screaming to be used.

Brownie Trifle, always a hit, simple to make but so delish. Part of the fun of making it for me is decorating the inside or top of the dish with a unique little candy decoration. Here you can see I lined the inside of my compote dish with those cute Santas and tinted the cool whip with a drop of food coloring. The bowl part of my dish is frosted, otherwise you could see all the pretty layers better, I'm sure you get the idea though. And everyone wanted a Santa :)
After dinner we played some cards, then made it to see the ball drop in Times Square, 11:00 our time, so we cheated and celebrated early.

Today all the Christmas goodies are being stacked on my kitchen counters, ready to be toted up. I have a nice crock pot of chili simmering away, yum, it smells pretty good in here!

I even have a little time to stitch today, life is good!

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Roberta said...

Your table looked beautiful and I loved the Santa trifle. We had a lazy New Year's Eve. I read that New Year's Eve is the night when kids get to stay up until midnight and adults have to. Since I'm not a night owl, that's me! See you soon! ~Roberta