Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's me... Cleo!

Cleo here, I am taking over the blog for Barbie Jo this week who is running around like a chicken with her head cut off. More about that later! Well you may think I do nothing around here but sleep and eat, but let me tell you I have been one busy cat! I take this Christmas thing purrrrsonally and have my own decking the halls to do. First of all I had to hang my stocking, right next to my furless brothers where it always goes. I can't wait to see what Santa puts inside it this year. I usually get some catnip mice but I'll tell you Santa, that stuff makes me a little dizzy now that I am getting up there in the years, maybe you could just leave treats, tuna flavor would be nice.

Next I slid Barbie Jo's old vase thing over, the one with the wild earrings, and put this pretty kitten vase there instead :)

Then I went and hung all my ornaments on the tree. You used to get these every year from Fancy Feast labels and a dollar or two. I had to eat a lot of Fancy Feast to get these! Awwwww... this one is cute.

Another Fancy Feast ornament, I love it's sparkly wings, very angelic...... like me.

Then I clipped all the birds to branches, don't you love it's nice long tail feather?

Last but not least I placed my tree skirt under the tree. Years ago I used to climb the tree. Then I went through a period of nesting on the bottom branches which would explain why they are droopy now. Lately I am content to just lay on my tree skirt and gaze up at the twinkly lights and shiny things.

I also braved the crowds yesterday and did a little shopping. Now I ask you, who would not want these darling little socks!

And then I changed my food bowl to something more festive. Doesn't food always taste better in a pretty bowl? Perhaps a nice Christmas place mat underneath would add an extra nice touch don't you think?

And now I am all worn out. Sheesh, typing with your paws really does take a long time.
So whats Barbie Jo all in a dither about? Well..... her daughter & Hubby and Grandsons from Oklahoma are coming to visit. She calls them her little Pumpkins but quite frankly I don't see what all the fuss is about. To tell you the truth they make me nervous. They are very fast and I have to worry about getting my tail stepped on and stuff. On the other hand they are kind of fascinating and I like to watch William play with his trains. William by the way turns 5 on Sunday, Alex is 6!

And Sunday is going to be a really big day here, no not just because it's Williams birthday. It has something to do with my furless brother over at KU. Hmmmmmmm.
So anyways, that's the scoop for now.
Oh, and before I go I want to congratulate my fur cousin in Dallas who had 5 fur babies yesterday! Phew, now that sounds like a lot of work.
Off to find a pile of blankets...


Erin Laughpaintcreate said...

Best blog ever. This was hilarious! Kiss kiss hiss hiss!

Cheryl said...

I love this post so much...it was just purrrrrrrfect :-)! Made my day!