Friday, January 2, 2009

A new year!

A Happy New Year to all!

Another Christmas come and gone and here we are beginning a new year already. We have had our fill of Christmas music, cheese balls and eggnog. Time to move forward, this past week has been catch up time for me. Getting my hair cut, taking care of all those little me things I was too busy to do before the holidays. Jerry has been home all week, using up the last of his vacation. He has devoted many hours of his time repainting the guestroom, from red to a much lighter shade called Parmesan... many coats of paint and a little grumbling but its looking good and will be a nice fresh change for our guests this year. In between coats of paint we were able to enjoy dinner out and a movie- The Curious Life Of Benjamin Button.

Our Christmas puzzle provided hours of entertainment throughout the week, I finally put the last pieces in last night.
Today I am packing up Christmas, whisking away all the tinsel, greenery and glitter.
While I pack up Christmas our son Jon is packing up his belongings. He is heading off to KU this semester. Lots going on here as we march in to this New Year. As for me, I am anxious to return to normal and begin sewing once again.
Have a happy weekend!


Amy said...

Happy New Year to you,cleo,and the family. I love the pink bear.

Dandelion Quilts said...

You do sound busy. Did you like the movie?