Friday, January 9, 2009

An empty nester..... again!

My clock has been ticking away much too fast this past week, counting down the hours and minutes until my last chick leaves the nest.... again.

We already had this practice run down pat 4 years ago, I should be good at this leaving thing. When Jerry and I moved to Kansas we settled Jon in at Oklahoma State University. Boy, he looks like such a baby here, he was only 17 after all!

Here we all are in his tiny little dorm room. Oh, and just look at that baby, that's my 1st Grandson Alexander, he came dressed in his little OSU shorts to help his Uncle move in too! Nothing like a baby in your dorm room to break the ice LOL. Gosh we all look young, just look at that hairdo Barbie Jo LOL!.

2 years later Jon came back to live with us in KC and attend college here locally.
Now he's off again, today is the big move out day, going to KU for a big finish, and boy oh boy is he ready and excited!

I have had mixed feelings about this day the past few weeks.
Knowing today was the big day a friend at Hallmark said "go home with a happy heart Barbie Jo". And I thought well that's a pretty neat way to look at it, how cool is that!
I'm proud of you Jon, hard to believe you are going to be a Jayhawk! And people you will laugh, its not like he's going to school in Hong Kong, Lawrence (KU) is only 40 minutes away LOL!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

Ohhh he's so cute. How are ya doing?? You should be very proud of him. He'll be back dont worry. then you'll be counting down hours until we goes back to school. lolol