Friday, January 16, 2009

Cleaning and Vampires!

It has been almost a week since my boy moved out, and gosh it has flown by fast! No time to think about it much, just wading through the aftermath, I have been cleaning....alot:(
Some children leave lots of stuff behind, well maybe yours don't, but mine did and I have been trying to put it all in some sort of order.
By night time I have been ready to just relax and watch a new show or read. I ran in to Target earlier this week for some reason which I've long forgotten, and while there I was in search of a new book. I always need a book on hand. Their selection was awfully disappointing though, same old books, I mean Kite Runner and most of the other book club selections have been there forever and ever and ever. I was ready to give up and head over to Barnes and Noble but really didn't want to as it was getting late plus it was bitter cold outside, like 1 degree cold, and then I saw IT. Twilight, first in the vampire series LOL!

Now I have to tell you this book is REALLY off the beaten path for me. I don't care for mystical creature books, super hero's, things that fly... including vampires! Both my grown daughters read the series and couldn't put it down, so I said well..... I'll just give it a try.
OOOOOOH, I was up late that night reading in bed, Cleo and I were so scared! HA! Actually the book is well written and a fast read. Like the Harry Potter series, it was meant for a much younger group of readers and I haven't decided whether I am hooked enough to buy the next one. I am however wondering if Edward will bite whats-her-name and turn her in to a vampiress, so maybe I'll get sucked into the next book afterall, no pun intended!
I am just itching to get stitching. Lots of ideas on paper, tomorrow I'll browse through my fabric stash and hopefully find what I need to get started.
Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon you'll be yelling, bite ME, Edward! :) I've already read the entire series, TWICE! I'm telling you, you'll be hooked!

p.s.Your drawing has me cracking up. Love you Mommy!


Anonymous said...

OMG! You didn't tell me you were reading Twilight! Edward is MINE! DOn't get any ideas! :P All the books are awesome mommy! I'm so proud of you! :D

Love you! Will call tomorrow! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to say that is the cutest picture ever! :)

The 4th book is the best! You have to read them all!!! Then when you come down we can go see the movie! :D

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That little drawing is just adorable. You know how much I love to stitch your work. They are all adorable!!
Now for that stuff the kids leave behind......OMG you should have seen all the penny's Boo left along the baseboards of his room. I mean why did he do that?? He had them everywhere, oh yes along with the filth that he left us too. LOL Talk about some cleaning. WHOA!!!
Did you daughter say BITE ME??? lolol

Sue said...

Hi, Everyone I know loves the Twilight books.I have not read them yet, but will soon. I can not wait to see the new stuff coming out. I just found your site last week and waiting for my first order to get here. I am a needle worker from way back, but this wool felt is new to me and I am loving it.

Lila Tueller said...

The Twilight series was responsible for several nights without sleep for me...I absolutley loved it, and couldn't stop seeing the movie! Have you been yet?

So go get New Moon, and waste some more time!