Monday, June 9, 2008

Working up an appetite!

Just another Monday. It stormed like crazy last night, seems to be the weather pattern here lately. I spent the morning working on putting my new sweatshirt pattern on paper. Took a break and went back to the guestroom closet for a little more weeding out and let me tell you, this is going to be a long project ladies! My stomach started growling and I started dreaming about an Andersons Beef On Weck. Oh I could cry looking at this picture, I want one SOOOO BAD! But you see, Andersons is in Buffalo New York. Jerry is from Buffalo, we lived there for 13 years when we were 1st married. Buffalo may take a lot of jabs for its snowfall amounts, but I will tell you, Buffalonians know how to eat and eat well! I don't think I have ever craved food from another city we lived in as much as I still crave food from Buffalo 23 years later! Besides this fabulous beef sandwich on a specialty roll, I really want a Bocce pizza, a John and Marys sub, Mighty Tacos, a Teds charcoal broiled hot dog, Duffs chicken wings, a fish fry (fresh haddock from the Niagara River) and some SPONGE CANDY!!!!! Why am I torturing myself, tears are running down my face.

Here is a picture of an Andersons Beef on Weck, sob, sob. Ok, I needed to go to the grocery store today anyways, they say you should never go on an empty stomach. And, you should also NEVER run in to your 6'4 son in the grocery store either. Boy was he just BEAMING to see me there! He was just picking up a few non grocery items until I came along. I'll tell you, shopping with Jon is like that old TV show, racing through the store and seeing how much you can put in your basket in a short period of time LOL, really!

More guest closet goodies. I had a 60s theme going on in the guestroom of my last house in Oklahoma. I loved the 60s! The 45 on the old record player is "For Your Love" by the Yardbirds. Here's the old pink guest phone which still works. The round case behind the phone holds a bouffant hairdryer for the guests bathroom, new and unused. What were you thinking Barbara! I guess I am going to box this stuff up, maybe someday it can go on EBay, but not the pink phone.

And would you look at this sweet vintage dress. This was hung on the back of the door in the old guest room. Some pretty teen probably has a picture of herself in this somewhere. Prom or date night, the picture doesn't show how lovely it really is, and tiny!
One of my overnight guests came downstairs one morning laughing. She said you know Barbie, I tried that dress on and was going to come down and show you, but I couldn't zip it up. This coming from a quite tiny person herself, she seemed surprised it didn't fit and we just laughed and laughed.

Jerry has the cover done for my sweatshirt pattern. Like I said I am furiously writing directions, we are however leaving this weekend on vacation and I just may not get this done before I go.
An by the way, don't you just love my new Blog Header! The picture is of part of a border of "Churning Kitties" a really cute pattern of mine. I am so proud of Jerry, he worked his heart out for me on Saturday and this was one of the projects he did.
Speaking of Jerry, he'll soon be home, dinner time is fast approaching and I better rustle up some grub.
Thanks for stopping by, have a happy week!

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