Friday, June 27, 2008

Kitty cat overload

When my Am vets bag arrived in the mail today I decided to weed out my closet a little more.
I always have a stack of clothes ready to give them. While going through my stuff I came across all of this. I have so much stuff with cats on it LOL! For awhile it was pretty scary, I couldn't even leave the house without wearing something that had a cat on it!
Three winter cat sweaters.

Two pink spring cat sweaters!

Red, blue and black cat shoes. All of the above items only come out of the closet when I do a trade show. You can hear my kids BIG sigh relief!

My favorite vintage apron, Christmas kittens with candy canes of course!

A cat dish with cat jewelry.

And if you need a blast from the past you can dab on a little bit of this.

My daughter sent me this cute Laurel Burch tote for Mothers Day last year.

A tote full of stuffed kittens, and these are only a few of the gang. And this is only the tip of the iceberg ladies! You have to wonder how this ever happened, and I know very well, Cleo is to blame. My middle child Erin brought Cleo home, she was from a litter of farm cats that was going to be put to sleep. Geeze, I didn't really want a cat at that time, we were in a nice pet free zone. Throughout the years we had many pets which all ended up being my pets, you know how that goes! Well gee whiz, Cleo was so darn funny right from the beginning. I cant tell you how many hours we spent laughing just watching her kitten silliness. And then she became my best buddy, sewing and sewing related items really sparked her curiosity and she loved hanging out with me. The 2 of us would be up sewing all night while everyone else was fast asleep. I fell for Cleo hard like no other pet we ever had. When I started my pattern company we had a list of typical names, and then Cleo and Me popped into my head and I knew that had to be it. She was the inspiration for my 1st book with Leisure Arts "Calendar Cats", boy was that fun to do.
Anyways 8 years later, I have lots of cat stuff. Not a holiday or birthday goes by when someone doesn't send me a cat themed item and now I am on kitty cat overload.
And wow, here it is Friday again. I need to shake a leg and get ready for my hot date tonight. Jerry and I are going to a KC Royals game. I cant wait. I love baseball!


Anonymous said...

aww! I love all your kitty stuff mommy! You wouldn't be you without them. :) Sweet story on Cleo, you should have her cloned!!! Hope ya'll had fun at the ball game! We went to Wal-mart earlier where Aiden had the melt-down of AlL meltdowns and because Brandon saw it, he had to do the same and he didn't even know what he was being mad about! Ughhh! Gott love 2 year olds! :P

xoxox crazy missy

OzRose said...

Just dropped in after noticing your header on the Quilting Gallery! Glad I did, lovely blog and you are even more Catty than me!!!! WOW thats saying something :))) Looking forward to dropping in again.