Friday, June 6, 2008

In The Groove!

Boy oh boy, another weekend is upon us! I pretty much have been in the groove, the sewing groove up in my "studio". I have 3 new projects completed, 2 are waiting for me to write up the instructions. This cute little Halloween table mat is ready for Jerry to put on the website for me this weekend. Jerry is my webmaster, he does all the updates on my website which is a lot of work. He also takes my project photos and puts them in the format for the pattern covers. He does a great job and all for free other than some minor grumbling! Especially during the summer when he just wants to golf, golf and golf! And just because I said something really nice about you Jerry, I hope your head does not get too big to fit through the door tomorrow, you have web work to do, remember?

Heres "Midnight Rider"- table mat or small wall hanging. Fast and fun fusible applique!
We have had really strong storms here in Kansas off and on all week. I was up late quilting this 2 nights ago when we had some really severe stuff going on. Lots of wind, lightening and thunder, the type that makes you jump and your heart skip a beat every few minutes. I'm lucky I didn't sew my hand to this, now THAT would have probably made a really great Halloween pattern, probably a best seller!

I also have been spending some time in the guest room. We are going to give it a re-do this summer, mostly change the paint color. I am cleaning out the closet in there, boy oh boy is there a lot of stuff. Stuff I haven't seen in years in there, stacked floor to ceiling. I wanted to show you this antique quilt I bought years ago from Buckboard Quilts And Antiques in Oklahoma. A really sweet sunbonnet sue and in amazing condition, beautifully hand quilted. I cant remember if it was 30s or 40s.

I fell in love with the extra embroidery touches someone added, the couching outlines around the applique shapes and flowers stitched on the bonnets. It was just too sweet to resist. I was going to give it to the first daughter who had a little girl for her room. And that leads to these other finds...........

When both daughters were pregnant at the same time, expecting 3 babies, I started to shop!
In a box lined with pink tissue- a DARLING crochet sweater set with kitty bonnet and booties.

A close up of that adorable bonnet!

Pink Jammies with little pink kittens!

Several darling spring outfits with bunnies and flowers. I even knitted while I waited; a sweet pink Christmas stocking, and I am embarrassed to say there is even more! LOL.
Looks like I got side tracked here, obviously I had pink on the brain, surely 1 out of 3 would be a girl, 4 sure! And those little girl clothes are just so hard to resist! And the reason they are still in my closet is I got 3 beautiful boys! I now have 4 boys, three of them 2 years old! 4 precocious funny little guys who love trucks, cars, plugs, drills, cell phones and TV remote controllers!
So I have decided to give away all the sweet little clothes, EXCEPT the sweet kitty crochet set.
I am saving that for your turn JON, maybe after you finish college, and lets not stretch that out forever, its already been 4 years and you're still going strong. And speaking of cutie pie Jon, he just walked in the door from work, threw a load of laundry in the washer and asked if I was going to be up much longer. Do you think he wants to spend some time with me? It is now 11:06 PM.
Why I said? Because, he says before leaving, again, I need you to put my clothes in the dryer! LOL, LOL. Tomorrow morning he is leaving for a big music festival in Lawrence KS. Gotta love em.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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