Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Susie home-maker type day

Summer has finally arrived in KC, a hot and very sticky day today. I almost feel like I'm back in Florida. The weather prompted me to crank up the air and get busy. I washed and dried wool felt all morning. Then cut out all my pieces for a new penny rug pattern. Cleo and I then proceeded to do battle over whether I was actually going to get any stitching done on it.
You can see how determined she is here to stay put. Not even a camera flash would scare her off today, which it usually does, she really is camera shy. Speaking of my little girl, while I was gone last week I had a spammer send me an email that caught my eye. And let me tell you, between having a website and blog I get a TON of spam, but most of it is easily trashed before even getting to me. Anonymous person said- "Cleo Looks Stoopid". And that was it, misspelling and all, just 3 hateful little words. Silly as it was, I was shocked for a minute, and then I had a good laugh over the spelling.

Moving along on my stitching minus you know who.
So many projects on my plate for this summer, and then here is this beautiful stack of Moda "Winter" fabric staring at me. I have not quite decided where I am heading with this fabric yet but its here ready and waiting!

I made a nice dinner to celebrate the 3 of us being home together tonight. It was long over due, well not the dinner part LOL, the 3 of us being here together for dinner I meant!
Tonight I watched Wife Swap while doing a little more stitching, that show cracks me up sometimes! Which reminds me, in 2 weeks Jerry and I will celebrate our 37th anniversary. And I guess that didn't sound right either, I think I am getting overly tired now.

Last but not least I made cinnamon muffins for the boys breakfast tomorrow. I had great intentions, but I made a little goof on these. I added the crumb topping to the batter instead of the cinnamon filling. Jon just walked through the kitchen saying "it sure smells good in here" LOL! They look okay, smell great, he loves to eat, they'll never know!
Well thanks for stopping by, tomorrows another day, its off to beddie bye for me.


Kim said...

Your snowmen are darling! And those cinnamon muffins look . . . well, good enough to EAT. ROFLOL!

Anonymous said...

Cute mommy! I'm sorry about the rude email, some bored 15 year old probably. What a creep loser!

Call you tomorrow! Love you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your new patterns!! Glad your trip to Florida was a success, although I'm sorry to hear about that silly spam! Have a wonderful weekend!

PS: I hope you got to enjoy one of your delicious sweet treats too- they looked so good!!!