Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacation coming up fast

Wow, its Tuesday already and on Saturday Jerry and I leave for Florida. We are making our yearly trip to visit Jerrys Dad in Ocala. Jerrys sister and her husband are flying in at the same time also, from Pittsburgh. We usually try to co-ordinate our flights so we can share a rental car to get from the Tampa Airport to Ocala and back together, about and hour and 1/2 drive.
I am looking forward to a change of scenery. Plus it is wonderful all 5 of us get to spend a little time together in one spot which rarely happens these days since we are all so scattered across the country.

I do have a problem with downtime though, I am pretty antsy, so I will be taking a project to work on. And I have been stitching this cute red work piece for 5 years on road trips!
Maybe this trip I will get it done, as you can see I'm nearly there! I am also cutting out pieces for a new penny rug that maybe I'll take also.

Bringing 2 books with me also. I am reading them both at once LOL. One is the downstairs book and one is the upstairs book. Both are very different and excellent reads.

Last but not least I'll have to leave you with a pic of my little helper. Boy oh boy does Cleo love to knit. I'm gonna miss her but feel good knowing Jon will be here to spoil her til I get back.
Have a super week!

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