Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is the sweetest little vintage packet of needles I have come across. When you open the packet the little sewing scene is actually 3 D. Little girls sewing clothes for their dollies. I can remember doing this with the girls next door. A box of fabric scraps and a little toy sewing machine that worked, it was heaven on a long summer day! I am sewing up a storm today, working on a new spring table runner. Hoping I will get it done before Spring :) Fabric is piled all over my cutting table, trying to find that one elusive shade.
Just back from a blogging break, had to make the post office run before they close! Heard on the radio it is going down to 1 degree minus 0 tonight (that's a temperature, not a singing group.) Oh well, I am sure some of you way up north will snicker, it is winter after all!
I have my little twin grandson Brandon on my mind much of today, he is having his tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow, not even 2 years old, can you imagine! He and his brother were at the hospital for pre-op stuff today, I hear they were given play Dr outfits to practice surgery on each other. Or maybe me next month :(

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