Friday, January 25, 2008

Just Another Friday

A pretty gloomy day brightened by a trip to another local quilt shop today, Harpers Fabric. I think the nice ladies in any shop I visit probably think I am a little weird. I spend so much time looking at EVERY bolt in search of the perfect color palette (for me anyways) for my next design. I know we all have different taste in that matter, and these personal choices are what makes each persons interpretation of the same project so interesting, fun and unique. I found just the right fabrics for my next Spring project! Of course I came home to gloat over it and pat it and take a picture, Jon just passed through muttering you are crazy Mom. He just doesn't get it, but Cleo does and appreciates my beautiful pile of fabric. You know she wants to hop up here and claim it as her own.
Great news on the Texas home front, Brandon is home recovering from his little Tonsillectomy. He did spend last night in the ICU but Mommy said he was ready to rock and roll out of there by 3am after a good nights sleep. How fast the healing powers are for the young, I am sure I would be a cry baby for days if not weeks. And I am out of here, Jerry is taking me out for a bite to eat and shopping for kitchen curtains. Hopefully tomorrow will be a day of hanging new curtains and sewing. (As Jon says, whoo hoo, another exciting weekend Mom)!
Hope yours is wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

I sure am glad I wasn't with you in the quilt shop! *yawn* hehehe I do love the patterns you picked! I can't wait to see what you do with them! :) Nice talking to you earlier! Love you! :) B&A say theu wuv you too! :)