Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brrrrr.... its cold outside!

Oh good grief it is COLD out! Winter is here, single digits coming our way for the weekend. Cleo is so funny. The door leading to the garage was not shut tight this morning. I knew it when I came down stairs and felt the Arctic blast..... and I also knew little nebby would be in the garage wanting to check it out. So I shut the door and grabbed the treat jar figuring I would need to rattle those treats to tempt her out of hiding. She however needed no tempting, as soon as I opened the door in she flew and headed right for her nice warm fleece blanket. Threw dinner in the crockpot, then off to do my daily errands. I had been looking forward to using my Gymboree bucks on the 1st day of their sale before stuff got really picked over. I have 3 little boys with birthdays next month!
And did I tell you I booked my flight to Dallas for the twins 2nd birthday? My daughter from OKC is driving down with her 2 pumpkins also and this will be the 1st time I will have ever been with all 4 boys together. I am excited beyond belief! Back home to a reality check, spending a little cleaning time up in the studioette. Weeded out the bulletin board today. There was a ton more stuff hanging on top, now I can see the bottom layer. Lets see, what remains is a wool felt project I started but stalled out on. An old vendor badge from Quilt Market, Christmas card from Leisure Arts, a Lyle Lovitt concert ticket stub from a 2001 Woodlands Texas show, several loosing Texas Lottery tickets which I purchased just because they had a cat on them. Various pictures of my smiling little family members and my Kansas retailers tax permit is prominately displayed as it is supposed to be. Next are several funny cat cards from friends and several lovely notes received from customers that I treasure. All of this makes me smile, until I gaze at my desk underneath, really, to be honest it can't be missed or perhaps I should say found. Waaaaaah! Beneath the rubble there is a cute Hello Kitty desk lamp and I am sure other treasures will be discovered, as soon as I get to it, maybe tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Brr! It's cold here too!! We are so excited you are coming!!! I can hardly wait fo ryou to see how big and fun the boys are!!!

Hey! I don't see my picture on that bulleting board! waaaaa! :P

OH! My phone started working again!!! How weird! Brian was on his way to take it to get replaced and all the sudden it came back on! Hooray!!!!

Talk to you soon! xoxoxo

justmommy said...

Missy, you are a dork. What is it, like 50 degrees in Dallas and you are cold? lol. Mommy- your posts make me laugh!!! I love you so much and am looking forward to A and B's birthday party too...just wait...Aiden and WIlliam both doing their ear piercing screams...muah ha ha ha!!!!