Friday, January 11, 2008

Bachlorette Weekend

Are these not the cutest little bluebirds ever?
I have always loved the bright and whimsical style of 5os china and housewares, I think they reflect the happy times of that decade.
My weekend is off to a quiet start, Jerry is duck hunting in Arkansas. It feels very weird here! No one to come bouncing in with a big HI and whats 4 dinner. The TV remote is sitting all by itself untouched, I could actually go and pick it up. I could play a movie if only I knew how to work all 3 controllers plus push the right buttons on the receiver :( And after all that there would probably be no sound anyways! So, in consolation I went to the grocery store and bought all of my and Cleos favorite foods, treats and snacks. I bought a new book, well it has been out a long time but I have not read it yet, The Kite Runner. I also went to Quilters Haven in Olathe to stock up on more fabric. I could spend all day there and also enjoy catching up on sewing news with wonderful owner Debbie Richards. So now, I will be able to eat, sew and read. And tomorrow is Bunco night! Wooo hoo, I love Bunco, especially when I do not have to host. I belong to a really fun group and look forward to catching up on the latest with all. Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy!!! Aww! I love those birdies!!! I broke another phone! :( It's been dead since Thursday morning! Arghhh! Now I have to talk Brian into getting me my 4th phone in a year!!! :( Anyway, wish we could be there to keep you company! The boys are crazy! Just wait! MUAHAHAHAHA

Love you! xoxoxox