Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bring on the snow, I'm ready!

Brrrrr, it may be still winter and bitter cold, my project for this week however has a Spring theme to it. Last week when we had our little snow storm I sat snuggled up with Cleo and my lap top looking for fabric. I knew what I wanted, was just having a hard time finding it, and don't you just hate that! Kind of like when you have money burning a whole in your pocket and you go shopping and come home empty handed. I have a new runner design in my mind and now all I needed were the right fabrics. I'm really really picky about my fabric combinations, cause if I'm not happy with my choices I won't like the finished product and neither will you.
Well I spent a long time on line and this is what I finally came up with, which arrived in my mail box today and I'm so excited! I think I did good don't you? We are expecting winter storm #2 tomorrow, and I know I will be happy as a clam, I've got my fabric and a bag of chocolate, bring on that snow!

Christmas is finally out of here, all gone and tucked in to the basement for another year and
Valentines Day will be here before you know it. I heart this little holiday. The reds, pinks, glitter, sweet little cards, candy hearts and chocolate confections, whats not to love besides your sweeties.
I don't have many Valentine themed decorations though, how about you? So decorating for me is pretty easy, I have my sweet Valentine Muffy Bear and some vintage cards, and that's all I'm setting out. Because.... I have REALLY BIG plans for V day this year EEEKS.... More on that next month :)

Have a wonderful week, stay warm and happy!


Amy said...

I love Valentines Day!! I hope the storm is not to bad for ya.I will be looking to see what your making for V-day and your runner.

Roberta said...

I don't have any Valentine's Day decor, maybe I should start. I'm ready to bring out the eggs and bunnies and think spring! Glad your fabrics (great combination!) arrived before the last round of snow. I'm one of the few who was glad we finally got some snow. Everything looked so peaceful and pure.~Roberta

Darlene said...

We don't do much for Valentine's Day in our home because we celebrate our anniversary two day before.

Spring is my favorite season so I can't wait to see what you're making.