Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just goofing off this week

Just goofing off this week, feeling a little guilty I have accomplished so little. I have spent hours pouring over recipes for a healthier lifestyle. Hubby wants me to cook more fish and make more salads, he's on a mission! Sunday we cooked together, cod and salad, a nice light meal. Followed
by strawberry shortcake :)

I had to laugh. Watching hubby dart around the kitchen I caught notice of his shorts pocket, remote controller sticking out, gotta have that remote close by at all times LOL!

Monday I went to Target and bought a new book. I wasn't sure about this choice, the storyline was not one that I would normally choose. I have hardly put it down since and have a few chapters left to go!

Tuesday I had my hair cut and highlighted, you know that is good for an afternoon. Gotta look cute for Mothers Day! I will be laving lunch with my baby in Lawrence, home of KU. Wednesday I shopped for spring clothes, don't want to embarrass the child by showing up in an old cat sweater (of which I have plenty) :)
Today I did tackle some sewing room mess. Weeding through and refolding fabric, setting aside what I don't want to donate to someone who would. And my most treasured piece of fabric surfaced once more. I bought it on eBay 10 years ago. I'll tell you I paid a very pretty penny for it. Vintage novelty and feed sack fabrics were going like wild fire, it was a sellers dream! This piece was in a fast moving bidding war, they bid, I bid, back and forth we bid up to the last second. Then the email from eBay comes.... Cleo, YOU WON!!!!!!........ UH OH Cleo! I do adore this piece though,early 50's, I love the boldness of the print, the colors are amazing and the artwork is a wonderful sample of that time period. LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Yet here it sits. Whatever will I do with it. I can't just cut in to it without a really great plan. My kids don't want it. Will they bury me with it, throw it out (gasp) or sell it to someone in a garage sale for 10 cents :( What would you do with it?

Too much to think about, I guess I'll go finish that book!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

ohh a good book, great food and some fabric. Perfect.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That strawberry shortcake looks so yummy. I'm sitting here thinking I wish I had something sweet to eat. Should I go make brownies at 9pm?? Should I??
Maybe I'll have to get that book. I've seen it at the stores.
What's with men and that remote. My husband goes into shock if he can't find it. I mean sheer terror. lolol