Sunday, May 16, 2010

A new Annie and tools of the trade

Another wet week here in Kansas and I seem to get lots accomplished when I can't go outside and play. I finished the "June" Annie stitchery block, isn't she sweet! Annie has been berry picking, her apron is full of strawberries and she is excited to maybe make strawberry jam, or a pie :) I have decided to have a little drawing, next Sunday Cleo will draw three names, winners will each receive my new Annie June stitchery pattern card. So if you love to stitch leave a comment below. Boy is this going to be a darling quilt when all 12 designs are finished.

More sewing room spring cleaning this week. My keep pile is much larger than the pitch pile :( I have a box filled with sewing gadgets and tools alone. We all have a favorite tool, one we use all the time, and I'm not talking just rotary cutters but I do wonder how in the world did we ever live with out those! One of my most used tools are templates in all shapes and sizes, especially a circle template. I can not live without it. They make tracing those circles for penny rugs a snap, or critter eyes and berries, I use it a lot!

My second most used template is the oval one, I used it to trace all the eggs in my "Hiding The Eggs" penny rug. When I needed a really large oval shape I've used picture mats, they come in several sizes.

And these here are just not a stack of plates, oh no they're not, it's a stack of large circle templates LOL! My kitchen is full of templates, glasses, bowls, lids and plates in a variety of sizes, they have all been used.

I started sewing together rows of charm squares for my next quilt. What do you think of charm squares? I have a lot of applique work to do next on this project, now that is the fun part to me!

Oh boy, it is getting late, Cleo is sleeping at my feet. It's Monday already, have a happy day!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The charms are lovely as is your wool.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I wanna WIN!!!!!!!!!!
Love all your projects. Very happy if I do say so myself.