Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A perfect weekend

Another weekend gone by, and April is nearly over as well. My weekend was perfect, I was able to spend my time doing just what I wanted to do, a little drawing, sewing and shopping. Even the weather co-operated, dreary and raining off and on, a good weekend to feel content working indoors. My "July" Annie stitchery block is complete and ready to join "May" Annie on my web site, just as soon as Mr Webmaster can take his mind off golf and work his web magic.
"July" Annie wears her paper hat and waves her flag while she and dolly watch the big 4th of July parade. Wish I had a big glass of ice cold fresh squeezed lemonade to share with Annie, July is always so hot here in the Midwest.

I finished the eighth block out of nine for my next quilt. Don't you just love this purple and lime green. I am using the Asian prints from a few posts back and just loving the color combinations.

Sunday we did a little shopping for hubby. Strolling through the store to check out, out of the corner of my eye I saw this........ I would recognize that cute face a mile away.... Oh, Oh, Oh, my heart fluttered, whatever could be inside that cute box.

OMG..... it's a Hello Kitty bling, bling, bling watch! Just my lucky day to be shopping with hubby, it was meant to be. Pam Kitty Morning eat your heart out, she's mine, all mine! Happy Mothers Day to me :)

Hoping your weekend was perfect too!


Cheryl said...

Just lovin your sweet Annies...and that Hello Kitty bling, bling so perfect and so you!! You are a lucky girl!

Erin Laughpaintcreate said...

Mother, you are too much! Now you can sew on your kitty sewing machine while you wear your cat watch, cat shoes and one of your many cat sweaters! :)

Love you. Love the Annie. Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Meow! That is the cutest watch I have EVER seen!!! It's adorable! So is your cute fabric and Annie! :D

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I've always loved hello kitty. Cute cute. And raggedy ann.