Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who's got the button?

I have been a pretty boring girl this week. No exciting stories or pictures here, you're looking at real life. The weather has turned cold and rainy, we knew it had to happen eventually, November is almost upon us after all! If you and I had web cams you would find me sitting here at my computer typing away, my fleece throw wrapped around me, cat in my lap, we usually type together for some reason.

Probably not everyone takes a picture of a box of chocolates, but these are not just any box of chocolates. Jerry brought them home for me on his last business trip to Ohio, what a sweetie! They are long gone now but boy oh boy Esther Price, you sure make wonderful chocolates!

My week has mostly been spent either at the computer writing directions for the new penny rug pattern or up in my sewing room. I keep my button stash in this old cookie jar. I have to dump them all out to find the perfect buttons for my project, if they are even in there. There was a time Cleo would come running out of the blue every time she heard me get the button jar out. She used to think it was fun swiping them off the table and then chasing them. Not so any more, either she has lost interest or is just moving up in years, I have a feeling it is more the later. Okay, so I found the buttons I needed.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas up in the sewing room. Fabric and trims are piled up every where, I admit I am not at all neat when I'm creating. But you know how it is when trying to find that perfect shade of green or red, you just start yanking out one piece after another, right? Right? Martha, I need you here to fold up all my fabric, put it back into it's nice little bin all organized by color while we chat.

Lets see, now where is that Red floss? Oh, I see it up in the far left hand corner there.
Patty, my floss basket is out of control. It could use some of your tender loving attention. I'm sure you will give a little screech when you see this picture.

And that bottle of wine, how did it get there right next to my sewing machine. It has no cork, it's empty. Would you believe me if I said it was a prop? Or actually a template or guide for my next project LOL? Really, truly it is, you'll see.... next week!
Maybe you are a neat while you sew, maybe you're a bit messy like me. All I can say is its all about fun, and I am having a blast up in that sewing room creating. Its only fabric after all!
I hope you are stitching up some fun this week!


Dandelion Quilts said...

I am loving that Christmas pile of scraps! My sewing room always gets in a state of disaster immediately after I begin a project. My husband always comments as to why I even bother to clean it? I am starting several Chrismas projects right now, too. I just love it.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh so that's what I need in my sewing room is a bottle of wine!!!! Now you tell me. LOLOL
I love your cookie jar.