Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not your usual turkey weather

We are still enjoying BEAUTIFUL fall weather here in KC, I'll take all I can get because it is October after all and winter comes fast on its heels. I have the kitchen door open to enjoy the fresh air while I cook. Cleo is at her spot with nose pressed up to the screen, squirrels and chipmunks are running rampant, I'm not sure if they are just enjoying the weather also or preparing for winter as their little cheeks are full of something.

I cooked this turkey Monday, I bet you thought that's what I was doing today, but no, we are already getting tired of the leftovers so I made quiche for tonight's dinner. The thing about this turkey though is it came in a cooking bag, I have never done one this way before, It sure was easy! As always when I make a turkey I am reminded of the 1st turkey I cooked, back in the day ladies LOL. Jerry and I were living in Columbus Ohio while he finished up his last semester of school. It was our 1st Thanksgiving, our folks were too far to get to in our car that was on its last legs. So with great expectations we, or I cooked our 1st Thanksgiving meal. Oh how I wished I had paid more attention to how my Mom prepared this meal, you may recall I was the child who had no interest in cooking and all that stuff! I was so clueless and this was before pop up thermometers, cell phones and Internet for advice, it was just me and that turkey! So I cooked it, or so it seemed, and Jerry carved it. That turkey was kinda watery, and Jerry said hey Barb, you left this in he pulled out the neck from one end... and gizzard package from the other LOL, LOL! I had no idea those things came with the turkey, who would ever want a neck and those other things! Live and learn they say, it's true, I never made that mistake again. And many years later I have to admit I have that dinner down to perfection, I'll just never forget the 1st.

I have a new read, "Loving Frank" a story about Frank Lloyd Wright and his mistress, a very big no no back in the very early 1900s. I was interested to learn more about him after visiting one of his houses, "Falling Waters" in Pennsylvania.
Last night was Bunco night, it was great fun as always. A night out with the girls and lots of laughter is always a good thing.
In between reading and cooking I have just about completed my projects for a new pattern, a Christmas penny rug and pin cushion, the colors are yummy! Hope to have a cover photograph this weekend so maybe I'll have something to show off next week.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Linda said...

I wanna try that turkey!! Thank you for sharing your first turkey! lol *chuckle!* You are not the first to have ever done that do not fear!!
Sounds like you had a great Bunco night!
Can't wait to see a photo of your creativeness!