Thursday, October 2, 2008

The parties over!

Gee whiz, almost another week gone by and here it is October already, can you believe it?!!
Another birthday come and gone, I had such a nice one with many sweet gifts. When this box arrived from my friend Kathy who lives in Buffalo NY I could almost smell it through the pretty wrapping paper. My absolute favorite Sponge candy, she knows me too well! As you can see I couldn't control myself and ate one row of it before I took this picture. Watsons Sponge Candy, I thought I died and went to heaven!
She also included this nifty little bundle, it measures all of about 2 x 4 inches rolled up I would say. Do you know what it is?

Why its a nylon shopping tote! Isn't that a clever idea! Nice and compact to throw in your purse.

Another beautiful week here, blue skies, low 70s during the day and chilling off at night. Fall is definitely here. As nature begins to display its show of color, we become inspired to dress our homes in shades of Autumn. This week I broke out the Halloweenie items. Out came the witches, ghosts and bats, isn't it a fun time of year!

This Halloween bunny is my pride and joy. I have had her for years, she is a Bunnies By The Bay
bunny, I guess they don't make the animals anymore. Isn't she beautiful, this picture just does not do her justice. Her clothing is exquisite; black velvet and orange satin loaded with trims, I really enjoy her seasonal visit.

I have been stitching up a storm this past week. Working on some Christmas projects using wool felt, something fast and pretty for you to make for Holiday gift giving. I do enjoy working with my wool felt, the way your needle glides through the fabric like butter. I can sit at the kitchen table and stitch away while watching Dancing with the Stars, and Cleo, boy oh boy does she love to join in! This nice big box arrived today with my latest wool order from National Nonwovens. I am one of their "Pattern Partners" and use their wonderful product in all my penny rug designs. My poor UPS man though, Ugh he says, what the heck is in here as he carries these big heavy boxes up my very steep drive way.

I thought I would leave you with this picture of cuteness! My sweet little Grandsons Brandon and Aiden sharing a brotherly moment. Now I am sure it is not like this all the time LOL. Their Mommy can surely attest to that! You have to wonder though, do you think twins share a more special bond that non twins? I tend to think they must.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Sponge Candy! Yummy! Ohh! My cuties look so cute on your page! :) They wish they could give you some messy kisses! :)

I don't know when I'm going to be able to get a new camera! :(

Hope you are all having a great weekend! :)