Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I saw today.........

What I saw at the store today, Hallmark mind you. A lady wheeled in her stroller, not unusual you might say. But she came in through the door backwards, you know how you do when you're trying to open the door with your butt. When she turned around, inside the stroller were.........
2 little doggies! Two little cute shaggy doggies. I looked at them, they looked at me. I sure wish I had my camera gosh darn it! I chatted with "Mom" for a sec, you know me LOL, gotta get the scoop. "Mom" said she took her doggies shopping with her all the time, her doggies missed her too much when she was gone. I listened and patted one, I didn't even roll my eyes once at the other lady behind us who was staring at them also. I must admit they were very well behaved doggies though.
This is one of Cleos favorite spots, stretched out on the stairs. She wont budge an inch, not even for shopping. We all have to step over her and hope somebody doesn't slip and break their little neck in the process.

My afternoon was spent slaving away in the kitchen. I was going to try this simple recipe I had bookmarked in my Buffalo Jr League cookbook- "penne pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes and Gorgonzola cheese". I chopped and measured all of the ingredients a head of time and set them aside in little bowls just like on TV so I could add them as needed without panicking. We invited Jons cute girlfriend Carly to join us since my cooking up a storm is a rare occurrence lately. Set the table with real linens, cut fresh flowers from my neighbors garden (HA), just kidding, I do have a patch of gerber daisies. Made Caesar salad, Italian bread and added a bottle of white wine. DH arrived home from work confused as to what the celebration was all about yet happy to see me in my apron cooking. Well I do have to say, my efforts were worth while, dinner was great as well as the company. It was fun! Just not enough fun for an every day occurrence, I would never get any sewing done!
Now I am going to step over Cleo and head upstairs to do a little stitching.
Wow, can you believe tomorrow is the 1st of August already?
Thanks for stopping by, have a happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your meal looks delicious! Have an excellent weekend!! :)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I just finished eating corned beef and cabbage but let me tell you that food looks good. LOL

Eileen said...

That's the trouble with cooking, it takes too darn long and then all the clean-up.

What a crazy lady, taking 2 dogs in a stroller. I'd look too.