Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dog Days Of Summer

I feel like I'm in a boring girl slump, I believe they call it the dog days of summer (sorry Cleo).
I have mostly been doing computer work this week, so no sewing show and tell here. Even Cleo is bored with me. This is her morning spot lately, when I wake up she is on top of this chair in the computer room. Boy she is long when all stretched out!

Each summer we eagerly wait for the Peaches and Cream corn to arrive from Nebraska and this was our lucky week. This corn is heaven on earth and I buy it at least 3 times a week while its in season. My son Jon thinks its pretty pathetic that I would take a picture of corn and then actually write about it. Hes probably right. So he took me out to lunch yesterday. Well, he drove me, I bought LOL. I told him someplace nice, no waiters. Jon has champagne taste and a beer budget. LOL We went to Ingredients, upscale cafe, wonderful lunch with a hot date.
I really am lucky to have such a nice boy.

I have been tinkering with this wonderful fabric by Sandy Gervais for Moda. Might end up a cute purse, might not.

Tools I can not live without: my circle and oval templates, especially the circle ones. As you can see they are well used. If you enjoy working on penny rugs you should have a set. They make drawing the pennies a snap. If I need to draw larger circles I use bowls, plates and glasses, your kitchen is a template store in itself! Shot glasses make a great small circle template! LOL

Okay so I am running out of stuff to chat about. So who are these cute little dolls? Why their name is Ginny of course! Ginny was the doll of the 50s, pre-Barbie. My sister and I both had them. Besides the American Girl dolls I just dont think they make dolls this cute anymore. These are a few from my collection. For years I tried to find clothes for them at antique shops. When I did find clothing it was usually in awful condition. Then miracle of all miracles about 8 years ago I discovered tons of Ginny items on Ebay. I was in Ginny gone crazy heaven! Much to hubbys dismay I fought long and hard to win these minty little outfits. Priority Mail boxes arrived weekly :) Well thats all over and done with now, but my girls are lookin good dont you think?

A mint party outfit.

Looks like its back to school for this cutie.

Mint bridesmaid dress and hat. I just love their hats with little vintage flocked flowers.
Time is marching on here, I am waiting for hubby to get home. Hes been OTOB (out of town on business) LOL these past 2 days. Its pretty quiet here and Cleo and I miss him. We need a little excitement!
Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

The ginny dolls are so beautiful!! Perhaps, even better than American Girl. I laughed at the picture of corn because I could see myself doing something like that just to post on the internet. Hope your having a good week!!