Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost Friday

Its hard to believe another weekend is upon us already. Boy oh boy they are going by fast and before you know it we'll be making snowmen again! I spent most of the day at my computer.
Listening to some good music and working on the pattern for "Jingle bell Snowmen". What a cute penny rug this is, the wool felt colors are scrumptious and it stitches up rather quickly.
If you click on the picture you can enlarge it for better detail. Hoping Jerry will have time to add it to my web site this Sunday.

Today was just the most perfect summer day. Low 80s and a little breeze. I spent some time this afternoon sitting on the patio with a stack of sewing magazines. I am out of books to read,
something I dread, so I see a trip to Target coming up in the very near future. I love my yard. Its hard to take a good picture of because its so long. Big tall trees line the back with a little wooded area. Very quiet and restful. We have lots of critters. Mostly your normal types, those pesky squirrels who are constantly trying to break in to our attic. Chipmunks, bunnies hopping all over, possum at night and during the winter an occasional fox. Cleo is an indoor kitty but is kept well entertained watching all the critter action through the screen door. And birds of course, lots of birds. I sat there today really noticing their many different songs. It kind of made me think, gee, these sounds are here to be enjoyed, and sometimes you just need to really slow down and listen to the music that surrounds us.

And speaking of birds, do you know what type this is? It is a lemon juicer bird!
This is the cutest and coolest thing, I just had to have it! You put a wedge of lemon in the body, when you push down on the handle it strains your lemon juice through its beak. Nice for your hot or iced tea. I bought it in Canada a few years back when visiting my girlfriend in Buffalo.
Thanks for stopping by, you all enjoy a great weekend!

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