Sunday, July 6, 2008

A quiet but tasty 4th of July

Another holiday weekend come and gone! Ours was pretty laid back and quiet. Jerry kept his self occupied smoking up a storm (and the neighborhood) on the 4th. Besides his awesome brisket and beer can chickens, we had our favorite hash brown casserole, baked beans and a banana split pie. Lots of food for 3 people and we have been nibbling on it all weekend. But you know, I kind of like that! No meals to worry about for 2 days just means more time to enjoy doing other things.
Such as this book I started and finished today. It was a page turner! I also completed my Snowman penny rug and have started writing the instructions for it. Hope to have it on my website next weekend.

This cook book I ordered from Amazon was in my mail box yesterday. You know how much I love my Buffalo food! I ordered a Buffalo Jr League cook book, I figured it would be chock full of great recipes. Personally I have to admit I was a wee bit disappointed. The book is really well done, beautiful watercolor prints by a local artist and lots of interesting Buffalo facts. Full of lovely recipes, gourmet restaurant type recipes. So if you know my love of cooking; slap that beef on the table type meals, you would sense my disappointment. But seriously, I did not find those recipes I craved, the wonderful flavors of Buffalo I still miss. The pizza appetizers called for purchased dough for heavens sake! When Buffalo has the best darn pizza ever, pizza I go to sleep dreaming of, AAAAAAUGH! And no Sponge Candy recipe:(

I hope your weekend was fabulous!


Kim said...

Yep, your weekend sounds much like mine! Unfortunately, we've just about eaten all our 4th of July food, so I guess I'm going to have to cook again--lol!

Anonymous said...

YUM! I love me some hashbrown casserole!!! Mine never tastes as good as yours! Dinner sounds good! We had crab legs! We see dr tomorrow about scans at 12:50, I will call you after! :)