Saturday, April 12, 2008

April snow showers do not bring May flowers

April 12th and it is snowing! My poor little daffodils which finally decided to bloom are not going to be happy!
So quiet here for a Saturday. Jerry left at 4am for a conference in Palm Springs. I am soooo jealous. But, maybe not yet. He was flying American and I have not heard that he actually arrived. (American flights out of MCI were still cancelled as of yesterday). More than likely today being a meeting free day, he is already there and on the golf course LOL.
My cutie pies Aiden and Brandon recently had their pictures taken in the fields of Blue Bonnets. This is a popular Texas thing to do in the spring.

Poor daffodils:(

A blurry pic, but you get the idea. I spent my morning piecing blocks for my next quilt. Next will come the applique part. Just love working with this fabric, so bright and fun!

This evening I plan on doing some of this with Cleo! We are going to watch a movie and snack out!
Happy weekend!

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