Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

Wow, seems like I was waiting forever for my little trip, and now a click of the heels later and here I am back home again.
The boys chalk board greeting says it all and we Nana's LOVE our munchkin time!

Erin is a wonderful cook, I just had to take a picture of this wonderful meal she cooked for me. It was a beautiful but very windy day in OKC, (most spring days are), and the winds do really come sweeping down the plains. We ate outside, 1st picnic of the year.
Evenings Erin and I usually play double solitaire, she beats me most of the time but I am reining queen of Rummy 500. We have lots of fun and laughs.
We don't stay up too late like I do at home with Cleo because the boys are up REALLY early! :(
2 year old William is up anywhere from 5 to 6, sheesh! I am able to sleep a little longer while they have their breakfast. By 7:30 4 year old Alexander is chomping at the bit to serve me breakfast in bed (he makes me up a tray of plastic fruit, bread and stuff) and I pretend to eat it with one eye still glued shut.

Monday was zoo day, Erin packed us a little picnic lunch and off we went. It was quite warm and very sunny, all the animals were either napping or in the water. This Mama elephant was so cute with her baby. She grabbed up trunks full of grass, then wrapped her trunk around baby and fed him (or her). My new sandals wore giant blisters on my feet :(

Monday night Erin made Indian Fry bread. Oh I LOVE this stuff and brought home several packets of mix to make here. The mix makes a sweet puffy bread dough you fry, then top with beans, hamburger, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream and salsa! YUM!!!! A favourite at State Fairs.
We played our final rounds of double solitaire before watching The Bachelor.

I was kind of excited when this severe weather alert came on. Maybe that sounds kind of weird. We lived in Oklahoma for 19 years before moving to KC. One of the things I grew to love about Oklahoma were the wide open spaces and skies, where you could watch some pretty spectacular clouds and storms roll in. I probably would have liked the excitement of being a storm chaser.

I had a late afternoon flight out today. It was the boys day at Mothers Day out so Erin and I were able to enjoy a little girl time. We visited my favorite quilt store "Oklahoma Quiltworks". This shop has a TON of fabric, I had to control myself. I bought these bright screen printed fabrics from Robert Kaufmans Fusion line. They will be perfect for a boys pattern I will be starting soon. We then enjoyed lunch at Bellini's before picking the boys up from school and heading to the airport.

It all went soooo fast and here I am again. I had a blast and got my Nana fix. Well, you never get enough but it will hold me until next visit. Thank you Erin and Ryan, Love you Alex and William- XXXOOOOOOs
Big day tomorrow catching up here, so good night all!


justmommy said...

We miss you, Nana! Thank you so much for everything. The boys love their ugly dolls and stay busy chasing one another around the house with them. We had such a good time. Can't wait til we head that way!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

aww! I'm so glad youo had a fun time mommy! i have never heard of the bread! YUM! So cute! Wish I could have seen you too :(

Tomorrow we are going to the Dallas Arboreutum (finally - LOL) so be on the lookout tomorrow night for cute pics!!!!