Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy February!

Happy (or not so happy) ground hogs day! Looks like 6 more weeks of winter is heading our way according to Phil out there in PA, my home state by the way. February is one of those months with several special days to celebrate. There's Abe and Georges birthdays, or Presidents Day I should say. Not a big celebration day for me, but government and bank employees like this day. And then there is Valentines Day! Who could not love this cute little holiday, a day to express our love. Cupid and doilies, cut out hearts, red and pink cards with lots of glitter, flowers and CHOCOLATE! Oh gosh I can't wait! I have already purchased all my valentines, addressed them, stuck lots of little heart stickers all over them and readied boxes of goodies to mail to my little cuties.
Speaking of cuties, my blog pic today is the February block from my "Calendar Cats" book. I had so much fun working on this quilt
inspired by my Cleo (who is not a big inspiration at the moment as she is now snoring up a storm) and taking up most of my chair while I type. February is also cold and flu month (and I have one, sniff...sniff.) according to the TV commercials. Not getting much pampering around here today, as a matter of fact I think my boys are avoiding me. No, I know they are avoiding me. So little miss whiney butt is going to go take some Nyquil and go to bed early, sheesh, this is even more exciting than last weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy!!! Me and all my boys just saw a Hallmark commercial and we all want those singing animals! HAHA I want that pink dragon!!!!!!!! :P

Sorry you are sick! I'm feeling weird today too! :( I always feel weird after being outside all day though! Hopefully nothing! Oh new pics up! Go see!

Love your cute cat pic!

Love you! COunting the days! xoxoxox