Monday, May 12, 2014

A perfect day

I hope all you Moms enjoyed a lovely day yesterday. My Mothers Day weekend was as perfect as any Mom could want. Friday night my son Jon picked me up for diner on his way home from work, after dinner he came home and watched a movie with me. I guess he felt I needed a babysitter while Hubby has been in Florida all week visiting his Dad, isn't that just too cute of him! Sunday he picked me up once more and off we went to The Plaza in Kansas City for brunch!

The weather was perfect for sitting outside, people watching and enjoying my favorite
breakfast food.. eggs benedict! My mouth is watering once again just looking at this picture, they were so delicious! Once home I enjoyed a little time in my sewing room and later FaceTime on the phone with both daughters and theirs families! 

Our 1st daughter was born on Mothers Day, every 7 years her birthday falls on Mothers Day again, this year it was Friday. The most special Mothers Day gift of all don't you think! I still have this little drawing of hers, it just makes me grin! She was such a happy baby! 

Daisy kitten pick up day is now 17 days away! Oh my goodness it seems like I have been waiting forever! I keep in touch daily with her antics through the breeders live steam camera and videos. She is so busy along with her 5 brothers and sisters playing! After watching videos of them swinging from tablecloths and other kitten antics... Hubby is feeling a little nervous LOL! Seriously though, we are just so ready to meet her and love her! Oh heck we have loved her since day one!

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WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.
I bet you can't wait to get Daisy, she is so beautiful and kittens are so fun.