Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day weekend fun!

We had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and I hope yours was as well. Jerry and I decided to run down to Oklahoma to visit our daughter and her family. Well, we didn't exactly run, it is a 6 hour car ride south of Kansas City, a perfect trip for a long weekend! We stayed on their family property in western Oklahoma. The property is named Rock Mary after the historical landmark on it. The rock was a landmark for settlers on the road to California. Can you imagine their journey west, You can read more about Rock Mary here if interested.

It is hard to visualize how large the rock is, this picture might give a better perspective. The kids and hubby like to hike up it. 

So peaceful and quiet out here. Packs of coyotes howled at night, lots of deer running around and other things I don't really want to know about LOL! You can close your eyes and imagine life on the prairie long ago. Especially one night when a storm blew through and the winds howled around the house, yikes! 

We had a great picnic, they overfed and spoiled us as always. We enjoyed Grandparent time with the boys, isn't it great to be company once in awhile! 

I can not leave out a stop on the way down- the Cherokee Trading Post. Lots of neat things inside but my big purchase was Indian Fry Bread Mix! Oh I love this, because I will make Indian Tacos from the fry bread. The 1st time I ever had one was years ago when we lived in Oklahoma, they are a treat to buy at the State Fair and other such events... delicious! I will duplicate them here at home and show a picture when we have them! 

From my little bag of car travel projects, this trip I worked on a punch needle design by Country Stitches, until I ran out of black floss. 

I better get more floss, this week I'll have time to work on this some more..
because guess what? We are going to pick up DAISY!!!! If you have read my past posts you will know Daisy is the kitty I chose In February from a litter of 7 adorable kittens at
House of Steward Ragdolls. Oh my gosh, I can hardly wait! 

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WoolenSails said...

Looks like a beautiful place to visit. My sister lives in OK and visits a lot of beautiful, natural areas. I can't wait to see photos of Daisy.