Monday, April 7, 2014

A little Sister time

Today my sister is on her way home to New York and I am trying to get back into some sort of routine once more. We had 9 days together which flew by incredibly fast we had so much fun! 
Lots of laughter, brunches, shopping, dining out Kansas City style.. with some sewing in between.
I bought fabric kits and patterns by Sweetwater pattern company so we could make their cute little Easter bunny runner. Last time Darlene visited we made crazy wool pin cushions, this visit with Easter a few weeks away I thought this would be a cute little keepsake for her to take home. We had lots of fun making them!

My sister also loves to knit, she made these darling little bear ornaments for my Christmas tree.

On Friday we took a day trip to Jamesport Missouri, a small town in the heart of Amish country which has quite a few Amish specialty businesses, stores and a restaurant. We enjoyed a yummy lunch first to fuel ourselves for a little shopping! 

As you can see by our loot we did a little damage. The bake store had such delicious bread, cookies and cinnamon rolls. We bought lots of goodies at the bulk food store, candy, noodles, assorted mixes and I found some unique cookie cutters I did not have. I also purchased a HUGE candle, Honeysuckle scented. Our last stop was a cute little quilt shop, all in all a very fun little day.

And now for a Daisy update, I know you have been waiting... right? Here she is.. just look at those blue eyes! I could just hug her!! She is of course still at the breeders: House of Steward ragdolls until the 1st of June. Darlene and I did a little kitty shopping one afternoon, we bought toys and a carrier! I am trying to be patient, meantime I am able to keep up with her antics (I hear she is one very busy and adventuresome little girl lol) via videos and pictures on the breeders Facebook page. 
The weather here is up and down, but each day the temperatures are a little milder... Spring is definitely on it's way!

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