Friday, December 6, 2013

The stockings were hung

The stockings were hung… or not. The number of stockings on my fireplace seem to grow smaller each year. I just finished knitting the stocking for Kelly, our sons fiancee. It's the one on the left, the middle stocking is our sons and I knitted that one when he was a baby. The one on the right is the new Grand dogs stocking, and no I did not knit one for him but made it out of felt. I have them all bagged up with a few ornaments as they are anxious to start their own holiday traditions. Well, actually our son kind of thought we would keep his stocking here and fill it until he was 90 LOL. I had to give him a wee nudge. 

So now 2 stockings are hung by the chimney with care, one for Jerry and one for me hang there. 
But wait, we are having a guest for Christmas! Grandpa is flying in from Florida. I doubt he will remember to bring his stocking! And so I found this cute one already made up. Three stockings for Santa to fill! 
This weekend we will drag the tree up from the basement. I can't wait, my favorite part is a twinkling tree. Are you finished with your decorating yet?

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