Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things….

This weekend was spent finishing decorating the house. I think our Christmas tree is one of my favorite things. Lights twinkling around ornaments, some have their own little stories to tell and memories to share. 

Such as a favorite Gingerbread man our son made 25 years ago. Can you believe those raisin eyes are still firmly attached, he makes me smile.

And Hubbies ornament he made when he was in Cub Scouts. Now let me ask you, why oh why did he choose such a festive background color lol?

Both of us really missed Cleo's presence, she was really all about that tree! This picture is from her 1st kitty Christmas, when she could climb the tree, nothing more frightening than looking at your tree and having eyes stare back at you lol! The bottom branches now quite saggy, when she got to big to climb she was content to nest in the bottom. 

The mantle is decked out with sparkly greenery, candles and birds.

My antique sideboard is draped with a string of vintage children's cards.

I finished decorating a gingerbread house, don't you just love that smell!

All good little dolls get a candy cane each.

An elf looks down on it all. I collected elves long before the "Elf On A Shelf " book made elves cool. I have lots of them in all shapes and sizes, musical and glowing lol! My children always thought they were scary, I've always thought they were cute in their own little way. 
Have you been good or bad?


Roberta said...

Love your decorating touches. Would you come do my house too? I always liked those elves too! I think we got some in the 70's and I know Jim and I had one when we were first married but I have to admit the Elf on the Shelf idea is a bit scary! ~Roberta

WoolenSails said...

Lots of fun decorations and guaranteed to put a smile on your visitor's faces. I went small this year and just put up the little trees and greenery. WIth our new grandson, I want more fun things, so once we finish the kitchen, I can do a regular tree and put up my fun kitty ornaments.


Anonymous said...

love the decorations,love xmas time,and i have nearly finished my santa penny rug.xx