Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Theres no place like home.....

Day 2... banging and hammering away, the work crew was here bright and early. A light coat of dust covers the whole downstairs and the sanding has not even begun yet! 

And I have been hiding out upstairs in my sewing room. I've started a little project. Have you ever made one of those adorable Bucilla stockings with the zillion beads, sequins and tiny pieces of felt? 
What ever was I thinking, obviously I was not! However, I found this retired kit "The Wizard Of Oz" and decided it was a must have.

Day 1, I finished the cuff and now I am working on the yellow brick road and tin man! 
Between the dust and sequins, I'm not sure if I will be sane by the weekend.

                              Have a happy week and remember... there's no place like home!

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