Saturday, October 12, 2013

Organize it!

I believe I have shown you pictures before of my currant floss storage system (Hello Kitty lunch box),
filled to the brim and a tangled mess. Well not so any more.......

Because just look what I found while cleaning out that sewing room closet... my DMC floss organizer bag! Upon further inspection I could see I last used it in 2004 judging by my Quilt Market name badge which was tucked away in an inside pocket with a few other goodies. 
So I brought it downstairs and sat at the kitchen table, dumped out the Hello Kitty box and began winding floss on all those threaders. Several Food Network shows later my floss was all organized and looking pretty in this bag. And the big question is why did I stop using it in the first place? Well for one thing I noticed that the thread holders do not glide in and out of the plastic sleeves all that easily, and I am an impatient person when working on a design with lots of colors. Also the thread color papers slide off their holders when removing them from their plastic sleeves. And yet I am willing to try this system once more and see how it goes. I know there are several gadgets to help keep your floss organized, I have tried most of them at some time, rings with plastic bags, floss looped through holes on plastic shapes or wound on small plastic spools. Obviously none of these systems have worked long term for me. How do you keep your floss? And better yet, do you use it a lot? Because it's easy to store in a pretty container, but for actual use, not always convenient.

Today is apron drawing day.... Hubby drew a name last night and Sandra come on down! Sandra said she has a sweet niece who would love this... Sandra, please email your address so I can get this in the mail to you!
This week will be kind of excruciating here. We are having a little house renovation done, our 1st floor is having hard wood installed We spent last week emptying rooms as much as possible.  Lots of pounding scraping and noise here today as the demo begins. Hubby and I will be confined to the upstairs much of the week, lucky for me my sewing room is up there! I'll give you an update next week!
Oh and PS: the Hello Kitty lunch box is now filled with buttons!


Quilt Kitty said...

I still use the plastic spools in the plastic boxes method. I had a clean up evening a few weeks ago as sometimes I don't put them away again and had a bag with duplicate colours & new threads to be wound on to spools. It's amazing how much thread I had used up over the years. I went from 3 full boxes to only filling the first column of the third one. Now I have a tin I put the spools in once finished & every so often sort from the tin back into the plastic containers again. I do love stitching! That apron is glorious, lucky winner! x

Sandra Coleman Clarke said...

Hi, I am Sandra and so glad I won the apron for my niece. My name is Sandra Clarke,
3941 Evans Dr. Lithia Springs, Ga 30122. Thanks so much. I did not see your email address.

Roberta said...

I don't think there is a perfect method. I use the spools in the plastic boxes and have three with the DMC number range listed on the front. I started with the cardboard spools and still haven't replaced most of them but the plastic ones hold up much better. Congrats to Sandra and her lucky niece! ~Roberta