Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to school

It's back to school time, hard to believe summer is flying by so fast! When I last posted we were getting ready to pick up our OKC Grandsons for the week. We had a great visit, how is it possible not too, and with both boys here this trip we had double the fun. 
We spent 2 days at the local pool, the boys loved going there, especially enjoying the water slides. So much energy, I gave up counting how many times they climbed and slid down, must of been 100's! 

We are so fortunate to have this gem in Overland Park, Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead and have visited here with the boys since they were toddlers. William rode a horse for the 1st time!

Alex and William both mined for gold. So many things for the children to do, I can not recommend this special park enough, free admission, minimal costs for activities, a wonderful place for family time.

We did lots of other things of course including the movies- "Despicable Me", dinner out with Uncle Jon, and just lots of running around. Alex and I played Racco very night, and William still loves to spend time building with legos. Jerry snapped this picture below, unbeknown to me, but typical of todays world... lol. Here we are each on an IPad. I believe we were in a middle of a "Doodle Jump" challenge... and guess who won? Why Nana of course :)

After the boys left I came down with a really bad cold of some sort. Jerry shortly after, only I ended up on complete R&R all last week. All I could think of was thank goodness I was not out of commission while they were here! The boys are now back in school, and I am catching up. Writing a new pattern 
to have ready later this month! 

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