Thursday, July 25, 2013

EEEEK!.... A new design!

The last week of July, hard to believe summer is flying by! 
I have a new design to introduce to you this week.
I love Halloween and this table runner or topper was really fast and fun to make. 
Fusible applique and simple piecing, it goes together quick. EEEK! I just love that kitty in the middle, just want to pat it on the head! 

My next design is off to Brenda to be quilted. Until I get it back I have some free time to think about something new. I may work with some wool felt, or maybe this pretty bundle of flannel. It looks like wool doesn't it! I found this pretty stack in New York while visiting The Pine Grove Quilt Shop in Kenmore, such a nice shop and nice ladies!

I only have a few days left to dream on it though, probably no sewing for me next week. This Sunday we will be picking up our Oklahoma Grandsons and have them here for the week. So excited! Working on a list of to do things with them. 
Have a happy week!


WoolenSails said...

I love it, that is such a fun design.


Cowtown Quilts said...

That's cute!

Roberta said...

Your new design is super cute! Love your new fabric too. I thought it was wool at first. Seems like everyone is getting in the mood for fall.