Monday, June 6, 2011

Sum sum summertime!

Wow, who turned on the heat! I guess summer has finally arrived and very quickly indeed. Not to complain after the winter that dragged on forever..... but it sure did heat up fast, we are in the high 90's here in Kansas.
I enjoy stitching on my patio during the late morning hours, while there is still a little shade and the temperature is pleasant. As you can see here I am multi-tasking lol! Painting my toenails a nice water melon pink, and while they dry.... sipping some nice sweet tea and stitching away. I have a nice stack of tea towels to stitch some new fall designs on. The birds are chirping away, that silly chipmunk is running back and forth across the patio. Rabbits are nibbling on whatever we recently planted and squirrels are leaping from tree to tree; Cleo is content in her old age to watch us all from patio sliding door.

Cleo is getting excited about her approaching birthday this Sunday! If you have not signed up for her give away there is still time.... you can read about it on my previous post.

Wishing you a pleasant summer,
Barbie Jo and Cleo

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linda said...

Happy happy birthday Cleo! :)