Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still stitching....

My summer days all seem to be running in to each other. 90's and humid, strong storms every night. And I am still sitting here stitching away... looks like I've been in the same spot since 2 weeks ago doesn't it! Well a few things have changed, as you can see I have been trying an assortment of summer drinks, trying to break out of the Diet Coke rut. You can't go wrong with iced tea, and groovy blue polish for the toes. I have a lovely stack of tea towels in fall shades that I am stitching on. Just one more to finish and then I move inside to the computer and begin writing the pattern.

Our bunnies are bolder than ever this year, they don't seem to be frightened of me and are chowing down practically right in front of my nose.... with a watchful eye.

I bought this darling piece of fabric this week along with yardage of other fabrics I needed for my next sewing project. I can't say that I will ever use it, but the illustration was just too darn cute to pass up. It will end up in my too cute kitten box of fabric, but you never know, maybe someday I'll find the purrfect project for it.

Friday I will be attending a Primitives of the Midwest workshop with my friend Roberta. We are taking the wool crazy pin cushion class given by Lynda Hall. I am so ready for a girls day out and with sewing involved, well it just sounds really good to me!
Pics to follow I am sure... stay cool and happy sewing!

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