Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help... I'm melting

Help, I'm melting! Nice and hot out here in the Midwest and it looks like we are rain free for the rest of this approaching holiday weekend. So why do I torture myself sitting outside sewing you may wonder, instead of staying inside where it is nice and cool with the AC running! Well I suppose this is my way of enjoying the great outdoors LOL! If I can't be stitching by the lake this summer I have created my own backyard resort minus the lake. Honestly though, natural sunlight is like having an Ott lite and makes stitching easy on my eyes.
This weeks summer drink is orange juice/sparkling water and orange polish for my toes! It co-ordinates with the shades of fall wools I am working on, show and tell pic this weekend. I also finished my Fall tea towel designs I was stitching, the pattern is now being printed, photo in a few days also. Finishing just feels sooo good as I am exploding with lots of new projects to
get started on.

I dumped my button jar yesterday in search of a few buttons for my wool project. Mine are stored in an old cat cookie jar, what do you store yours in? Well anyways, emptying the jar brought back memories of Cleo when she was a playful kitten. She would come racing down from upstairs when ever I dumped my jar of buttons out, bat them all over, she loved my buttons, they were the best thing ever! My buttons no longer spark any interest for her :( And with that being said I know my fur child is feeling her age and I am just content to have her sitting by my feet while I sew.

Big weekend coming up and I know many of you will be traveling or heading out of town. Ours will be quiet. Hubby is having oral surgery on Friday so we will be pretty laid back here. I will stay busy with new sewing projects and thinking about my road trip the following weekend!
Safe travels, happy 4th!


Amy said...

I love the orange for toes!! is it creamsicle orange? happy 4th to you and yours.

Roberta said...

I'm not too original with my old buttons--they're just in old jars, but I still have to dump them out to find the right ones.

I went in my sewing room this am and found that our younger cat had thrown up on my chair. Sigh...

Hope hubby's surgery goes well! ~Roberta

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That orange drink looks yummy. I've never seen that brand. Hot here too.

Darlene said...

That drink looks very cool and yummy! I need one to sip on while I'm working on the final Annie block. woohoo! :-)