Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bloging with a cat on my lap

Ah, a quiet afternoon, taking a few moments to send an update. Cleo is snuggled in on my lap, did you know it's hard to type with a cat on your lap? Especially when she takes up so much room lol! Sorry Cleo, not picking on you because you know I love you!
What a fun week we had. Wednesday night was Bunco, my turn to host. I had a lot of fun fixing my snackies, the big hit was the cream cheese penguins, they are so darn cute! The dice sandwiches are a nice touch for a card or dice party also.

Thursday my daughter, son in law and Grandsons arrived from OKC for a long weekend visit.
Alex is 5 and William 3, we can never get enough of them, so fun at this age! Uncle Jon was able to get away from KU for a quick visit, the boys just love their Uncle!

Cleo, my, my, my, her quiet little world is turned upside down when little ones come. She insists on being in the midst of it all though, no hiding for her! I had to laugh, she is in all my pictures of the boys. Here she is safely tucked under the table but lying on top of the train tracks watching them play with Lego's.

Such fun having them here.
And nowI had better get cracking and packing! Tomorrow Jerry and I are off to sunny Florida to visit Grandpa. Yeah! So hard to believe I am packing sandals, shorts and Capri's!
See you all when I get back, have a fun week!

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