Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Bunco bites the dust

The past few days have been non stop busy. Fall is in the air and I have been bombarded with orders for wool felt, kits and patterns. Something about that nice crisp cooler weather turns our heads to sewing dosn't it. Most of my weekend was spent cutting, packaging and shipping. And then the race was on to get ready for Bunco, at my house, tonight! That meant CLEANING! The word alone stresses me out. It looked like the Grapes Of Wrath here on Monday, like after a major dust storm had rolled through, I had some work to do believe you me! The past 2 days Cleo and I, armed with our mops, buckets and sprays scrubbed and polished the house from one end to the other.

We dug out some of our fall decor and scattered that around.
And then we trotted off to the grocery store with our long list of supplies so we could spend today making our Bunco munchies.

Lets see, we made a pumpkin shaped cheese ball that was not only pretty but very tasty, hot artichoke dip and veggie crescent bars. Our Bunco snacks are usually not known for their vegan or weight watcher qualities. Over 5 packages of cream cheese went in to these, not to mention all the cheeses, sour creams and what nots. And they sure were good LOL!

For dessert we had chocolate-chocolate chip bundt cake with chocolate glaze!
Cleo and I are plum worn out, my head is mush and it's off to bed we go.
Now that our chores are all caught up we plan on having a little sewing fun over the next few days. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

mmmm...I spy artichoke dip! That's the one thing you didn't make when we were there! Next time! :)

numero dos

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG that cheeseball is adorable and that could I go for a slice of that.
Man oh man did you make me smile today??? I can't thank you enough!!! And I can not wait to get to stitchin!!!!! Your the best!!!!